Local House of Representative South Sumatra Province, committed Plenary Meeting

Reporter: Nedyanto | Editor: Arjeli SS

Palembang, LamanQu.com – Local House of Representative South Sumatra Province committed Plenary
Meeting XLV (45) in Plenary Meeting Room, Friday (13/4/2018). The agenda discussed was the hearing of introductory speech delivery about Accountability Report, South Sumatra Governor on the 2017 Annual Budgeting and Governor Ended Terms of Service Accountability Report on Annual Budgeting 2013-2018.

Afterward, the meeting went on to formatting the Special Committee bases on Field of Commission Duty, namely Special Committee I is Governance Field Committee, Special Committee II is Economy Field Committee, Special Committee III is Monetary Field Committee, Special Committee IV is Development Field Committee and Special Committee V is People Welfare Field Committee.

In his Speech, South Sumatra Governor, Alex Noerdin says about Local Secondary Pace Development Plan of South Sumatra Province on the period of 2013-2018 which contains of Local Development Vision and Mission, South Sumatra Province. Thus, South Sumatera, is More Prosperous, More Developed and has International Competitive Power.

Besides, the four of South Sumatra vision are to enhance economy growth, to strengthen Local stability, to enhance the fairly equal balance and justice, to enhance the sustainable and disaster preventive management.

“Refer to Mandate of Local Secondary Pace Development Plan of South Sumatra Province (RPJMD) and considering about the strategic issues we face now, the prior development of South Sumatra on 2017 are to strengthen agriculture sector and food security, investment, industry of produced product and Trading Sector”, said Alex.

He continued, “Next are local Order and security, Education, Health Service for All, Poverty Countermeasure and Environmental Development based Landscape”.

Alex explained, about the picture of local monetary management on annual budget of 2013-2018 which is reported that Local Development Plan Budgeting (APBD), South Sumatra Province on Period 2013-2018 is always undergoing up significantly begins from 5.989.474.254.049 IDR on the implementation of amended APBD of 2013 went up into IDR on Amended APBD of 2017 is 2.174.689.298.475 IDR. This Rate is going up compared to the annual budget 2013.

Meanwhile, from income point is also undergoing up compare to amended APBD on annual budget 2013 is 468.139.691.033,10 IDR increased into,64 IDR on amended Annual Budget APBD on 2017. This amount is increased becomes 2.690.067.483.104,54 IDR compared to 2013.

“From local purchasing is increased on the implementation 5.678.703.610.531,20 IDR on amended annual budget APBD 2013 becomes 6.414.203.832.079,31 IDR on amanded annual budget 2017”, said Alex.

“We are aware of development implementation for this 5 years is found challenges which requires some solution to overcome. However, having support and working hand in hand between legislatives, South Sumatra Vision which are of more prosperous, More Developed and has International Competitive Power could be reached”, expressed Alex.

The Head chairman of Local House Representative, South Sumatera is giving his statement to some journalist

In the same time, the Chairman of Local House of Representative South Sumatra Province Ir.H Uzer Effendi.MS said that his people will do analyze very well about governor Accountability Report.

“We will discuss this Accountability Report. What has been reported we will look over the thruth. We will analyze by some special committee, one of those programs are free tuition fee school, free payment health service, infrastructure, economy which are analyzed by involving some experts”, declared Uzer.