Strict Presentation Palembang Major, Visited by The Republic of Korea

Reporter: Fandi | Editor: Arjeli SS

Palembang, –  South Sumatra Province, Palembang City, geographically is located in strategic to pay visit by 45 countries of those participant on the biggest sport event, Asian Games 2018.

This, explained by Akhmad Najib, Palembang Major in Welcoming and friendly Lunch together with teams official staff of Korea Republic Embassy Office and slight presentation regarding to progress preparation Palembang as the hosted City for 12 sports on Thursday, April 12 2018 at Jalan Tasik, Major Official Residence, Palembang.

The officials team from The Republic of Korea are Minister Counsellor for Political Affairs Mr. Park Jae-Kyung, First Secretary/Director of Korean Cultural Centre (KCC) Mr. Chun Young Pong and Mr. Suh Jung-Jei as the First Secretary for Political Affairs, Miss Park Jin-Young as the Second Secretary for Political Affairs ROK Embassy and Miss Kim Min Joung, as staff KCC.

Speaking to his excellency guest, Najib properly explained about the progress and preparedness of the infrastructure as well as the hospitable acomodation provided namely; First, The Conpetition Supporting Facilities, that is Jakabaring Sport City which is integrated to whole requirement of competition. And second, The Non Competition Supporting Facilties which is categorized as All supporting facilities in order that the running Games very well. As such among others are Transport infrastructure the need of electricity power which uses 2 Mega Watt of the friendly environment Solar Power Plant.

“Besides RLT, in short will be finalized, we also provide 350 busses as the transportation service which wll be operated from the Airport to Jakabaring Sport City”, Najib said.

Strict Presentation from Akhmat Najib

He also explained that during Asian Games 2018, Palembang and South Sumatra Province Official Government have prepared 30 tourism objects. Thus are classified into, Cultural Tourism, Culiner Tourism and Religious Tourism.

In the same time, Mr. Park Jae-Kyung, was so impressed with the quickly developed preparation conducted by Palembang Team Committee as the host Asian Games 2018. “ I am so much impressed with what Palembang has done so far”, Park said.
“Moreover the integrated area developed in Jakabaring Sport City”, Park added.

He continued, “ We have the most numbers participants on The Asian Games 2018 among 45 Asian contries, because more than 1000 athletes and officials from the Republic of Korea will be coming here, therefore we need to know more about preparation committed by Palembang.

When asked about his impression and point of view during his visits in Palembang. The hospitable people with cultural friendly manner of Palembangness got him impressed.

In his friendly speech, he gives his best appreciation, especially to Ahkmad Najib, as the Secretary of Committee.
After seeing, Jakabaring Sport City and Integrated Area, Athele Village and the whole Venue as well as Medical center and referral Hospital listed, Park is convinced that his delegation will not get lost and will be satisfied. Hopefully, Palembang will be the successful host on Asian Games 2018. He ended his speaking.